Issues of Family and Adult Child Treatment in Addiction


Wednesday Evenings (3 credit hours*)

each semester hour converts to 15 IAODAPCA CEU’s

(AUGUST 27ST. to DECEMBER 17th. 2014

Instructor:  Nationally known speaker and author Stella Nicholson


Description: When substance use disorders are present, every member regardless of age or role within the family structure is profoundly affected and will experience or witnessed varying degrees of emotional, physical, psychological, or spiritual trauma.  Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues often follow these experiences during their live times, causing the problematic relationships both inside and outside the family unit. This course will detail the impact that substance abuse has on the entire family, and will present various treatment responses.


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  1. Although this is not a required class, taking this class is well worth the time. Stella has a way of teaching which never leaves a dull moment in class. Stella shares her knowledge and insight on working with families in a way which is easy to understand and to put into use. If you have time to fit Stella’s class into your schedule, do so. This is a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of learning from someone who is nationally known but teaches in a down to earth style.

    John Watson CADC

    1. Helene-no you must be certified before you can earn CEU’s, but keep special topics in mind. They are a good way to earn CEU’s once you are certified and at a Waubonsee tuition rate a good price.

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