The fight in Springfield over the budget is getting hotter and hotter, and the limited pie of money is being sliced up, if our voice is not heard for the 9th straight year funding for addictive illness will be cut-please read the most recent posting on the CADCILLINOS.COM web page-got to that page and get involved.  John

April 27:
Last week was another active week in Springfield, and this coming week promises to be even busier. Last Wednesday the Senate passed a bill to restore 26 million dollars to the Department of Human Services, to cover the shortfall in funding for the remainder of FY 2015. However, as previously noted, SB 247 was pronounced “dead on arrival” by House Democrats. CADC Illinois reached out along many other Human Services organizations in letter writing campaigns to change the House position. As the week progressed the House Democrat position appears to be changing with three key legislators signing up to sponsor the bill. They are: Reps. Linda Chapa LaVia, Kenneth Durkin and Carol Ammons. Today Monday April 27th. an event took place I want to share with you, Senator Mattie Hunter (D_3rd District and Majority Caucus Whip) added her name to the bill as a co-sponsor. Why is this move by Senator Hunter important? Mattie is one of us, she is a CADC! (12953 and CSPS14961) We hope this fact will be interesting to you and perhaps it will inspire you to become more politically active. The fight now is in the House and it is your representative we are asking you to contact. If you have not yet written your letters please do so and ask your family, friends and co-works to learn more about what they can do to help. A lot of effort will be needed to restore funding and advocate for addiction services in the upcoming budget year. PS. Mattie stepped forward for us, a note thanking her would also be appropriate. 
The links to send to your friend’s family and co-workers are our homepage CADCILLINOIS.COM