Alcohol and drug abuse education is a site dedicated to providing the most up to date and evidenced based information about the treatment of addictive disorders.  Each of the instructors have a long and distinguished career in the treatment of addictive individuals and their family.  We believe in the disease concept of addiction, and believe once addiction develops within an individual that cure is not possible, however recovery from this chronic progressive and fatal illness is possible.  We also believe that for two long individual who suffer from addictive illness have lived in the shadows of shame and stigma.  Treatment for individual makes sense from a human point of view, and in times of diminishing resources for health care services, it also makes positive economic sense to provide treatment for this disease which is pervasive in its damaging effects.  The program at Waubonsee Community College located in Sugar Grove, Illinois is accredited by IAODAPCA.

This site was created by and is managed by John Reese, MS, CAADC,