Human Services Commission Public Hearings at Waubonsee!

Below is information about the Human Services Commissions public Hearing on the impacts of budget cuts to Human Services program.  This hearing offers a great opportunity for you to see advocacy in action and perhaps participate yourself.  I will at the hearings, and am encouraging all human services students to attend as well


Human Services Commission Public Hearings on Budget Cuts Impact and the Budgeting for Results Process

The Illinois Human Services Commission will be holding a series of public hearings throughout the state this month.  The Commission makes recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly about providing high-quality human services to Illinois citizens.  The purpose of these public hearings is to document the impact of the cuts made in the FY 2012 Illinois State Budget on all sectors of human services, and to gather input from all sectors of human services on the Budgeting for Results process.  This budgeting process will have a lasting impact on all those served by human services programs and on the ability of providers to continue doing their work.  

Follow this link for a pdf version of the Hearing announcement:
Tuesday, September 13: Aurora
1:00PM – 4:00PM
Waubonsee Community College – Aurora Campus
18 South River Street, Room 160 AC

The web-page address for the Commissions home page is:


Family Treatment class still has openings

I know that the start of class is just a couple of days away, but our family treatment class-HSV 296 that begins Tuesday night still has openings.  If you are looking to add a class, this will be a great opportunity.  Stellia Nicholson who will be the instructor is a nationally known speaker on family issues, and experience instructor.  I highly recommend you consider it, I am not sure when we will have the opportunity to offer this course again.  John


FYI Academic Calendar 2011-2012

2011 Fall

Late Registration Begins
(Last day to enroll in a course is prior to the first class meeting)
August 15
Orientation week for faculty and staff August 17-19
First day of classes – Monday August 22
Students withdrawn for nonpayment after this date must petition to re-enroll August 22
End of ALL refunds for 16-week courses September 2
Withdrawals after this date (from 16-week courses) will appear on the student transcripts September 2
Labor Day break – Saturday through Monday (Classes will not meet) September 3-5
Weekend classes begin (Friday, 5:00 p.m. through Sunday) September 9-11
Last day to claim honor status designation in a 16-week course September 19
Mid-semester – last day to change audit enrollment status October 12
Last day to enroll in a fall semester telecourse  (Spring telecourse registration begins November 7) October 12
Spring semester registration begins at 8:00 a.m. November 7
Last day to enroll in a fall semester independent study or internship course November 7
Thanksgiving break – Monday through Sunday (classes will not meet) November 21-27
Last day to withdraw from fall semester courses November 28
Semester ends December 18
Grades due – noon, Monday

Classes set to begin

We are about to start another year, this will be my 13th year full time and 25 year being an instructor at Waubonsee Community College.  I am blessed to be part of this institution, and have a group of wonderful adjunct instructors who make our program really go!  Having said the good stuff, I have to say the addiction treatment field is in jeopardy!   Last year we had the fight to stop addiction funding from being cut again.  We thought we had succeeded in June, only to learn in early July we had lost.  This year addiction funding will be cut again.  This fall semester, in addition to the required curriculum the theme in our classes will be advocacy.  Years ago when I changed from a line counselor to being a clinical director, I had a hard time not having my own clients and running groups every day.  I talked to my mentor about this, and he told me just as there are many ways into recovery, there are many ways to help a sick and suffering addicted person or their family.  Being their counselor is one way-a very important way, but only one way.  I was able to come to believe he was right, and understand that as an administrator, or educator, I am still helping people, only most I will never meet or know their name.  Today all of us must truly understand that being an active, assertive, and positive advocate for addiction is just as important as running a good group.  Looking forward to seeing all of you again, and I hope we all have a great tan, and stories from the summer.   John

PS September is Recovery month–see the CORE-ILLINOIS webpage for more information.  Please start thinking what we as the Human Services Program at Waubonsee can do to add to the success of the Month.  Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to receive notification of new information that will be posted on this page.


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